Another Great Product

Now for something a bit different! I was beginning to think that all of you were getting bored of the beard chat on this blog.

Although it is one of my favourite subjects I feel it is important to switch it up a bit every once in a while, so for the time being I am going to park that topic.

Without veering too far away from the world of cosmetics, I want to mention a new item I tried not long ago.

Ever since I’ve know her, my wife has always been banging on about how important skincare is. For me, that would usually be one of the subjects that I would instantly switch off to and essentially not listen to.

Around a month ago though a close friend at work actually commented on my skin, and the comment wasn’t positive. I consider this person quite a close friend, so I don’t think they were doing it to spite me; I genuinely think they were being honest and letting me know that my skin wasn’t looking great, like a good, honest friend would.

I hurried home that evening and immediately told my wife – She laughed insisting that I should have listened to her all those times before when she stressed the importance of a good skincare regime.

After looking in the mirror for way too long, I came to the conclusion that my skin definitely wasn’t looking great. What had gone wrong!?

Looking for wrinkles in the mirror

I hadn’t done anything different recently. I hadn’t changed anything in my diet, sleep, or exercise, so I really couldn’t explain it. Oh well, these things happen as time goes by don’t they – They’re inevitable!

Despite this I was keen to take some action to counteract my rapidly degrading skin. The answer was supplied to me by my (at this point) incredibly helpful wife.

She suggested I kick things off with a face serum. It sounds extravagant I know, and she assured me that it was powerful stuff. I reasoned that I might as well jump in at the deep end and agreed to give it a go. She decided on something called Lunar Night Elixir Repair Serum. I can’t really remember her reasons for choosing it, but it has done a pretty damn good job so far.

My next move is to study the ingredients from this product intently, to see if I can get something similar in a cream or moisturiser form. I feel that would be the ultimate skincare product for me. I’ll have a look and will update this post once I’ve found one. Thanks for reading 🙂