Back once again with some more NWPs!

This time around I wanted to talk about a gift I got for my brother for Christmas. I was going to talk about it a bit sooner but I thought I’d give him enough time to try it out properly so he can let me know what he thinks in full.

Enough rambling – the product in question is something called a beard kit. I was interested in trying one of these as I had heard rave reviews online.

Christmas presented the perfect opportunity for me to get one, but unfortunately we have this stupid tradition in my family that all gifts must be surprises! That means I wasn’t able to ask any of my family members for it.

Lo and behold I didn’t receive one on Christmas Day. I wasn’t too disappointed however as I done the next best thing – I had purchased one for my brother. I knew that if I did this, there’d be a good chance that I would be able to try some of the products within the kit too.

bearded christmas

My brother and I are quite close, and ever since a young age we’ve often shared our belongings.

Similarly if one of us tries something and enjoys it, we will often suggest the other one tries it. It could be anything, from a new film, to a cuisine to a beard product 🙂

After my brother had been using the kit for a good few weeks, he agreed to let me have a try. I have to say that the kit I got him is bloody marvellous. It contains an oil, a balm, a wash and a small comb – everything you’d need to get your grooming regime underway.

I enjoyed using it so much that I was very sorry to hand it back to him. I started getting withdrawal symptoms, so I decided to purchase one of my own. If you’re interested in trying one of your own, just follow the link to this beard grooming kit. You won’t be disappointed!