Girls night out

I recently went out with some friends for a night out at this new restaurant which is decked head to toe in fairy lights and real plants, the instagrammer’s dream. It was an early reservation, the only one we could book, meaning we were all coming straight from work with fingers crossed at least one of us would make it in time to secure the table before they started handing chairs out to people off the street.

Because I knew there were going to be an unholy number of photos of me being uploaded at the end of the night, I had to look drop dead gorgeous from the second my foot stepped inside the establishment. So I woke up at the crack of dawn. Well, 6am, but that’s the earliest I’ll wake up before it’s really still night time. 5am is reserved for athletic nut jobs and uni students pulling all nighters… It’s not for the rest of us to populate. So after fumbling in the dark trying to find the light switch, I’m up and ready to put on my makeup. Before you all ask me what I use on my face, I’ll give it to you quick. I love my Lunar Glow Primer and Setting Spray, this foundation, and to round off everything else my Zodiac kit. I like to go for a more subtle look, I’ve never really gotten into winged eyeliner. But I do put some pride into being a little adventurous. As you can tell, I like my stars, with Lunar and the zodiac, and I’ll be honest I am a bit of an advice follower based on my star sign. This week, the main takeaway was to be nice (and I’m sure that helps narrow which one I am down!).

Work was so so. I sat at my desk, talked to some customers, even went on a coffee run for the team. We get on so well, which sometimes makes it hard to focus. I don’t want to zone in too much on what I’m doing in case I miss a fun conversation! Never thought I’d be wishing for some boring colleagues. We did have one hilarious customer that wanted to speak to me specifically, because apparently I sounded the most calm on email. But she was talking absolute rubbish, wanting this and that, really pushing me to treat her like some kind of royalty. I rolled my eyes at my manager, and ripped into her. Nicely, of course, but the underlying lack of care was sharp. It was the best part of my day, I would never speak to someone else like that!

That being said, it hit 5pm and I was out the door before anyone could get a goodbye in edgeways. Zoomed, I did. And I was the first one there. That’s fine, I thought, only a minute late. I saved the table, and set myself up facing the door so if anyone came in I could give them a big wave. Checked my makeup, still looking fresh. Like it was still 6:30am in my poorly lit bathroom, except the lighting here was magical. A few more minutes, starting to get worried. Messaged the group, letting them know I was there. I probably shouldn’t have, they most likely took it as a sign to relax and take their time!

Ten more minutes, I’m starting to get worried. No one’s replied to me yet. The waiter has asked me to order drinks three times now and I’ve given in. Sipping nervously on wine in the corner of a gorgeous restaurant with a waiting list. I’m thinking to myself if they ask me to order food, I’ll have to say yes. Ten more minutes.

Then, like a flash of lightning, Sophie walks in wearing a sparkly dress brighter than the sun. She sees me and hurries over in a flurry of apologies. She went home to change. Then the rest started flooding in, with one excuse or another. And then Lillie asks me “How did you get here so fast? When did you have time to do your makeup?”

“Uh, this morning. I prepared,” I told them, and their jaws just dropped. They couldn’t believe it had stayed in tact, and so glowy! I told them all about my setting spray, how it was extra lucky because we were under a penumbral eclipse. I think they might all go out and buy one now! It’s safe to say, I looked the best in all the photos to follow. With wine, with food, with each other, beside every wall, surface and prop the place had to offer. But it was fine, because we weren’t the only ones doing it. Meg touched her face at one point and took off a spot of makeup. Just a finger sized gap on her cheek, as you do. If you follow me on Instagram be prepared for a bombardment of pics!