More NWPs for my beard

In last month’s post I regaled you about my venture into beardom. I was a complete novice and walked into it blindly. Now after a few months, I can safely say I have made it to the other side relatively unscathed.

So how have I done it, I can hear you asking yourself. I have to admit, it wouldn’t have been possible without procuring and using a wide array of products that have aided me in my venture.

Previously I mentioned beard wash, and what wonders that did, but recently I have found an item (by the same brand in fact) that I feel is even more useful.

It is essentially a mini kit, that includes not only beard wash, but oil too. However instead of them being full size items (that are quite expensive in themselves), the kit contains miniatures, that are much smaller, more affordable and transportable too.


kit for beard


Altogether the kit comes in at just over half the price of the full sized wash! So you may think this might be a good place for a bearded beginner to start and get their feet wet.

That’s exactly what I was a few months ago, and now I’ve come through the other side, I think I’m qualified to say that this little item is definitely the real deal.

The brand themselves call this a beard starter kit, which I think is a pretty apt name. I was a complete beginner when I came across it, and the product really helped ease me into my new bearded life, and ensure my facial hair was looking sharp and in shape from the get go.

All in all I can’t recommend this enough. If you’re on fence and thinking about throwing away your razor then look no further than this starter item to get you going on your way.