Experiencing new products

I believe we’ve all been exposed to the relatively new concept people posting product review videos on youtube or perhaps some other video sharing platforms. I personally enjoy watching people give honest genuine reactions to weird random products. I’m particularly entertained by the gadgets review videos and can often find myself spending a few minutes (sometimes even an hour) before bed just watching these sorts of videos. I find myself exploring “organic” products more often lately so I thought that “hey why don’t I give these reviewer thing a shot?”.

I’m not much for being filmed so I decided I’d to take the blog avenue of doing things. I’m probably better at doing this than I would be at videos anyway. But you’re probably wondering why I’d be going specifically for organic products as the subjects of my reviews. Well the unabashed answer is simply that I hadn’t really gotten the opportunity to experience cosmetics and skincare in general before recently. I mean I shaved and I believed myself to be fairly hygienic for the majority about my life. I never really specifically used any “extra” products for personal care but my wife’s been urging me to do so. If I have to do it I may as well let other people know how I found things.

Every product feels like a brand new journey for me and it’s quite enjoyable actually. I don’t necessarily find myself actively seeking any specific product for a specific purpose or anything like that but my wife seems to like picking out new stuff for me so at least she’s happy with this arrangement.