Re-establishing My Bearded Origins

I’ve been trying out some new products on behalf of my wife but I felt like it was about time we got back to what I originally was into and that’s beard products. Now I know some of you might not know how beard care goes so maybe we should go over the basics just so we’re all on the same page of what qualifies as essentials for beard care. Now let’s go back to basics.

For those of you with fully grown beards who don’t have the most intimate knowledge of male grooming and the things that you might need to know that come with caring for you beard then here are a few of the things you’d do well to remember. First of all you’ll need a few tools in order to tame your mane in the long term scheme of things. You’re going to need a pair of beard/moustache scissors and yes they do make those specifically although it might seem excessive you’re going to be using these on your face so maybe a fresh, clean, and dedicated pair will serve you better than the ones you’ve got lying around in the kitchen. Next would be a beard brush and maybe a beard comb if you’ve got the budget and feel like you need both, you’ll need at least one of those two for your daily grooming routine. And then comes your beard wash which is probably more important than any of the tools I mentioned before because you need to keep that thing clean and regular soap or shampoo just isn’t good for your beard. Beard wash is helpful because it helps you get it clean without stripping it of too much of the essential oils it needs, if you use a beard wash you can get it clean without drying it or your skin out. The last essential that you’re going to be needing is a beard oil that you apply to feed you beard. Now things like styling wax for your moustache or any other miscellaneous products for your facial hair aren’t completely necessary but add and subtract these4 from your routine as necessary.