Unintended Beard Growth on Holiday

Hello again. Gabe here dropping this post to inform you about about some nice, wholesome produce that I got to try recently.

Before I begin, I want to quickly explain something about my blog. I know that with the name, Nice Wholesome Produce, you might think that I’m going to be writing about food all the time.

In this case though you are wrong. I wanted to take the time to discuss some nice products, that I guess you would say aren’t particularly wholesome, but are great nonetheless.

What spurned my foray into this new line of products was the recent unintended growth of my facial hair. You see I was at the airport about to board a flight to the Caribbean for a two week break this summer. During security my wash bag was confiscated – my shaving cream bottle was too bag, and they even took my razors too.


bearded man on holiday


We were headed toward a very remote island, and unfortunately the local shop didn’t have what I needed, so I decided to go the two weeks without shaving. My wife will tell you that this is very unusual behaviour for me. Indeed, up until this moment I had pretty much shaved every day of my adult life.

What happened of the next two weeks both excited and terrified me. I was excited by how quickly the facial hair was sprouting, but terrified to learn that keeping it all neat and tidy was quite a troublesome matter.

Luckily, upon my return home I sat down to some googling and stumbled across a gigantic range of products (that I had never heard of) designed to help me in my particular follicular ailment.

One product, something beard shampoo soon became my trusty shower sidekick. I use it every day and it makes my new beard feel incredible. I was suffering from a spot of beard itch, and the shampoo quickly put that one to bed.

So there you have it, yet another nice, wholesome product.